[facebook]Who is the PigBoy?

The PigBoy is an I.T. Professional by trade but likes to play hockey, golf and fish.  His standard line is, “I’m a professional hockey player in the winter, a professional golfer in the summer but I dabble at computers 50 hours per week to supplement my income.”


The PigBoy is a Canadian who was born and raised in small town Ontario but now resides in a suburb of Toronto.


A life long friend, Katherine Boynton, who is an artist, whipped off a nice logo so the plan is to be offering some fun PigBoy gear on this site sooner rather than later.  Thanks Kat.


Let’s get one thing straight.  This is in no way meant to be an insult to pigs and there is no intent to offend those who love and/or care for pigs.  If fact, it’s an honour to share the name.   Not only that, they taste really good.


The PigBoy got his name from a couple of female friends who called him “PigBoy” because sometimes his sense of humour is a little risqué, to put it mildly, and his mouth is not known to have a very good filter.  These women do not know each other and it’s a bit ironic that they both came up with the same nick name.  However, these women will be the first to admit that the PigBoy is harmless and when they call him PigBoy, it’s all in fun.  In fact, they were probably laughing their arses off at whatever was said (or sent), that caused such a reaction.


For example … The PigBoy uses a balance ball for an office chair and he giggles every time he passes gas because of the hollow drum sound it makes.  Most people would keep stuff like that to themselves but PB once posted about this phenom on his Facebook wall.


Anyway, the handle kind of stuck and we’ve been having some fun with it on Facebook so now we’re gonna pick up the ball and try and run with it.  


The PigBoy loves to cook and, like his namesakes, will eat pretty much anything, including wild game, seafood with tentacles &/or shells, organ meat, pork hocks, chicken feet at Dim Sum etc.  He drinks mostly beer and wine, appreciates a good dry Martini (with three large garlic stuffed olives) or a nice Single Malt Scotch.   He would never turn down a fine, fresh Cuban cigar and owns a cherry wood humidor that is lined with Spanish cedar.  It’s a beauty.


The PigBoy spends a lot of time reading computer documentation but would much rather read Nelson Demille novels and has read almost every book ever written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. … and so on


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