Web CMS – Yes or No?

To Template Or Not To Template

I’ve been plugging away at this site for a few days now, as time permits, and am learning a lot more about WordPress. I’ve installed WordPress sites before and then handed them over to the client. Now that I’m working on my own site, there’s a lot more tweaking going on to suit my taste.


One thing that I have learned is, these Content Management System (CMS) templates are not as easy to install and customize as they would like you to believe. I guess using a vanilla template would make it easier but deviate from the norm and you had better have your technical wits about you.


For example, in this template I’d like to move the default logo position up a bit on the page and make my PigBoy logo beside it larger. I’ll be able to figure it out eventually but good luck doing stuff like that if you know nothing about HTML, PHP, CSS, Java Script and more recently jQuery. You’ll more often than not need some advanced image editing skills and tools as well and we’re not just talking resizing.


I’d like to make the login boxes on the right side of the page about 25% less-wide and shift them to the right a bit. I’ve changed the code that I thought needed to be changed from allowing 20 characters to allowing 5 characters, just to see if they changed. They never budged. Hmmmm.


I’d like to remove the “Log In” button from the top menu but when I do that, I get an error when I Log Out. I know what’s causing the error but I should not be forced to have login/logout in both places, on the top and on the right sidebar of each page. I want it on the right sidebar only.


So if you plan on bypassing a web guy, downloading a CMS template and winging it on your own, good luck. I’ve installed and worked with both Joomla, WordPress and PrestaShop and none of them are a piece of cake. There are many others that I’m sure can be painted with the same brush.


If you’re not a techy and you want a CMS site, my advice is that you hire a web guy and get him/her to install the CMS Software and tweak a template that you both agree upon until it looks the way you want. Then take over and use the backend CMS yourself to add/change/delete the content. If you want to change the look and feel of the site or add anything other than a very simple plugin, call the web guy and let him/her do it for you while you do what you do best, run your business.


I will continue to update the status of this PigBoy CMS website adventure by posting periodic comments at the bottom of this page. Feel free to join in and/or help me out.


Just sayin’ …






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